Yukata Summer Bash

Yukata Party

Yukata Summer Bash

July 16 was Yukata night at XEX WEST and it was a doozy. As some of you should know (or need to know) XEX is all about style. As the elevators open into the foyer, the first thing you see is an intimate fireplace to tell you, you have arrived. Spacious luxury, great food and drinks, amicable service and finally a large veranda with an overlook of the new Umeda skyline created the background for a kickoff to the true beginning of summer.

The Yukata party that’s what. The staff greeting you as you entered giving everyone a fan. The fan had a number on the back for an exciting lottery to be held later that evening. Your ticket to the event included drinks, a food ticket for a choice of an open sandwich or a charcoaled grilled shish ka bob.

What really accented the night was the music. Led by the duo of Stuart, lead vocalist and his piano vocalist consort, Steve Evans. The jams had the crowd swaying, jumping, moving and smiling all night. In between sets, we had the DJ Joey, pumping out prime techno, pop and soul music. The surprise of the evening thought was 12-year old Ruan. She sang 3 songs. It was – no words. AMAZING>

The Yukatas were everywhere and added to the summer feel. Lovely ladies showing off their flowered vestiges delighted the men taking in the atmosphere. The party was a must for anyone wanting to experience what a real summer party should be like. Don’t miss out on the Halloween party in October. Well talk more later!!!
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