Cafe Absinthe – Charity Concert event

Young Girl

Dear friends,

It’s been a while & I hope all is going really well for you and yours these days.

I wanted to invite you to a special Charity Concert event that Dimitry from cafe Absinthe and myself are sponsoring.

This concert will help support underprivileged Kids in the Osaka area & it will be happening on Sunday, Sept. 11th at “VIP Lounge Wormwood” (Cafe Absinthe B1).

Japan has given us all so much over the years , and Dmitry and I are wanting this to be a way we can start to give back to our local community.

This charity event is to benefit children who are malnourished, abused and neglected & ate living in the Osaka area.
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After Summer Holiday Live

English Men Having A Picnic

After Summer Holiday Live

AUG 28th 2016
19:00-1st LIVE
20:00-2nd LIVE

Fee : ¥5000(free drink with one plate)
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Yukata Summer Bash

Yukata Party

Yukata Summer Bash

July 16 was Yukata night at XEX WEST and it was a doozy. As some of you should know (or need to know) XEX is all about style. As the elevators open into the foyer, the first thing you see is an intimate fireplace to tell you, you have arrived. Spacious luxury, great food and drinks, amicable service and finally a large veranda with an overlook of the new Umeda skyline created the background for a kickoff to the true beginning of summer.
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