1983 The move June 10th

Moving day

Seems like only yesterday, a day full of excitement, our mother was putting us all in burgundy box, leather jackets and green stretch cords. A past reflection of 80’s fashion all leaving puppy love’s behind in search of new directions; to start a new life in upstate New York.

Kennedy airport

Even to this day, a date never escapes me, with countless birthdays in my memory, I have often overlooked and felt so ashamed to pronounce, but… June, 10th 1983 will never escape me. Along with the new shiny alien registration cards we received at Kennedy airport in New York city on Panam Airways, (What the hell happened to that airline?)

God had another plan

I often wonder what would our lives would have been like if we had never moved, all those wonderful memories,that would have never been.
No God had other plans for our clan. My family is now so internationally wonderful and yet a contributing part of the culture at the same time, All because of that day, June 10th 1983, thank you Mum and Dad for turning all of our lives upside-down in. I love my family’s extended members and all those people on Facebook that claim that they are my family lol.

In family life, love is… the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.
Eva Burrows

(Their last names are Epstein somehow I don’t think so, nice try.)
And friends, you know who you are; I don’t need to tag you on Facebook. We are strong! And it all comes back June10th 1983…

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